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Marty's New 'Do' Part 3: 'Please'
Hello friends. My name is Marty Inouye and I've been through a lot over the past week. I was accosted by an angry hair stylist who took it upon herself to make me look like a runway model (at least she made my hair look that way). I dealt with some horrible dreams that made me question who I was and hide from my best friend Rina. I struggled with my own identity only to find out that Rina actually liked my new 'do'. She even offered to help me “get all done up”. (her words). Jeez... How do I get into these situations?
Right now, though, I'm not in a position to find the answer to that question. You see, it's 3:00 AM and I'm kind of in a hurry to get home and off the street. I alternate between running (but not too fast to give the police something to stop me for) and walking (but not too slow to give the local guys an easy target to harass). The last thing I want to do is get stopped by someone and have to explain the way I look. Did I fail to mention that my hair is done u
:iconshoujodana:shoujodana 12 23
Marty's New 'Do' Part 2
I walked home with my curly head down, hoping I wouldn't see anyone.  Rina did her best to hide my girly-curls by brushing them all back into a make-shift ponytail, but despite her efforts, my new-formed curls would not be denied. The combination of the humidity of the day and the tightness of the rollers made my ponytail look kinda like a bunny tail, only instead of it being on the backside of a bunny, it was sticking out of the back of my head.  
God, I was angry!  I was seven kinds of angry.  I was angry with myself for treating Rina like I just did. I should have let her walk me home.  Instead I gave her the brush-off.   She didn't deserve that.  She was only trying to help.  But I was too embarrassed to let her.
I was angry with Stern Stylist for doing this to me. I was angry for not keeping my mouth shut and getting myself into this predicament.  But most of all, I was angry for....  Well, I'm not sure why.
I finally made it home
:iconshoujodana:shoujodana 17 28
Marty's New 'Do'
Looking back, I guess I should have just kept my mouth shut.  But that's what happens when I get nervous or flustered.  I start talking, just to break up the awkward silence and I can't stop, and that usually makes things worse.  No one knows that better than Rina, my best friend.
My name's Martin.  Most folks call me Marty.  Rina calls me 'Mari' (Don't worry I'll explain why in a bit).  Rina and I have been friends since both of us can remember.  We met in grade school and have been 'besties' ever since.  Me, I'm this kinda tall, kinda skinny Asian kid with glasses.  Rina...  Well, she's not tall (she hates being called short, so don't call her that!) but she's very pretty.  But don't tell her I said that, she'll hit me.  Her skin looks like fine porcelain and she has this long wavy black hair that you could just get lost in.  Sorry, I went poetic there for a bit.  And that's not really why I'm here.  
This all
:iconshoujodana:shoujodana 23 1
The Caterpillar's Cocoon
This story was inspired by a fantastic picture by Leila Stoat, which can be seen here: The Curious Case of the Neon Caterpillar.
This is my first story in seven years, so let me know what you think - enjoy!
Deep within the woods, miles from any permanent civilization, a place known only to campers, fisherman, hikers, and bears - lived a tiny little caterpillar. Unlike most yellow and black varieties that inhabited the area, this tiny little fellow shone bright with highlight of pink and green, and remained well hidden and invisible to the people that enjoyed the ambiance of his woodland home.
The tiny caterpillar enjoyed his solitude and privacy, but was fascinated by the strange gatherings that would sometimes take place near his home. Strange, wonderful creatures, tall, colourful things walking on two legs, carrying glowing sticks with two arms, would sometimes conve
:iconstickysteph:StickySteph 120 68
Pageant Disguise (Art Trade) :iconhinayui:HinaYui 151 54
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Chad and Mole Playtime :iconanimal-delos:animal-delos 48 4
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Sissy Ass :iconnapoleonxvi:napoleonxvi 174 19
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